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Ultra-fast Charging Lithium-ion Battery

Able to charge at 10C, Charging time below 10min,Surface temperature below 60℃。  查看详细>>

Super High Rate Lithium-ion Battery

.For Laser Weapons, 200C Continuous discharge rate
.Normal High rate Battery,80C Continuous discharge rate
.High Rate Discharge, the surface temperature below 60℃。  查看详细>>

Superior High Safe Type Lithium-ion Battery

.The explosion-proof battery for mining with superior safe property
.80% Capacity retention after 1000 cycles  查看详细>>

Low Temperature High Rate Lithium-ion Battery

0.2C Capacity retention at -40℃≥90%
3C Capacity retention at -40℃≥75%
Able to charge at -30℃  查看详细>>

Wide Range Temperature Lithium-ion Battery

Operating Temperature Range:-50℃~70℃ ; Capacity retention at-40℃:≥90%
Capacity retention at-50℃:≥70% ; Able to work between-50℃ and 70℃
The capacity retention storage at 80℃ for 24h,Battery inflation≤3%,Capacity retention≥95%  查看详细>>

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